Report Discrimination

If you have faced discrimination in New Jersey because of your sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, tell Garden State Equality. We are renowned for coming to the defense of LGBTQ New Jerseyans who have suffered though discrimination, harassment or other wrongdoing. Please fill out the form below and a member of our staff will get back to you.

If you are a student who has faced bullying by another student – whether at school, after-school or online – or you know a student who has, immediately contact Garden State Equality’s Anti-Bullying Hotline. Call (973) 509-5428. We will help you no matter the reason you have been bullied; you do not have to be LGBTQ. Garden State Equality and state legislators wrote New Jersey’s anti-bullying law to help ALL bullied students. To learn more about New Jersey’s anti-bullying law, click here.

All information you communicate to us is strictly confidential until you tell us otherwise. We will never release information to third parties without your permission.